Monday, August 31, 2009

Less is more

Apologies for having not updated when I promised I would!
This post will cover the last couple of weeks, as was captured by the camera itself. I will need to capture more photos because this last week has been scarce! Here you go

Cash for clunkers, quite a catchy way to advertise.

Some photos taken before the Los Angeles trip.

Moving onto our next exhibit, the short LA trip.

A previous Saturday, a few kids from Flagstaff drove through so I spent some time outside at the Mesa Temple.

The final selection of photos come from a night spent out in Mesa and Temple Lake.

(was just visiting a friend's workplace!)

And as a final treat, here's Mr. Isaac Nef performing Weezer (with his nose).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bringing up to speed

The Canon EOS Rebel t1i has slowly become more and more comfortable to my hands, as they were used to the Rebel XT.

I decided the photos I'll post here, unless otherwise noted on a post, will be from the t1i. Here are the photos of the nephew since the camera has sprung into action.

Today, we decided to go swimming after I did some trimming of the trees.

More to come from around town and the short LA trip this last weekend!
Hold tight.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Post! & Video to prove it!

Welcome to Adrian W Nef's Photo/Video blog of happenings in life, household, and etcetera.

A new mic to go along the drums and dual guitars and what do ya get?
Ze Nephew belting out some harmonies on the microphone.

Keep this bookmarked to see new videos and pictures!
Take Care!