Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Brief Passage

I failed to meet my own plans and expectations of filling this blog with photos I've taken throughout the year (or more).

There won't be any reconciliation. I will, however, post just a few examples of photos I've taken in the last year while I resided in Utah.

My hope is to move back to where the sun beats down
mercilessly in the summer and shade gives solace for those who yearn for shelter from those rays.

I miss Arizona.
Honestly, do I know many other places I can call home?

In about a week's time, I will be paying that state a visit.
A little less cold, a little less bleak.

Plans consist of possibly looking into what options there are down there for me and fill some void caused by this dreary location.

Time has been spent with work, with business, but most of the time that exists has been spent alone.

It's not a complaint, merely a fact.

But this guy...

...can be a little bugger, but I do miss him.

We all struggle and we all work through our shortcomings.

Dating will be on hiatus until I move. It's tough to find someone who likes similar things as you do, let alone finds you attractive.

Better yourself in the meantime.

I'll finish up this post with some photos that I've taken that show some of the beauty that Utah has in the fall/winter/anytime.

I'm sure I'll post again soon.
(My apologies for the atrocious formatting of these blog posts)

My favorite from Arizona, right before I left.

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  1. i came across your photos when i did a google search for "arizona desert" (a project im working on)
    beautiful photography!